Also, she has a personalized tag with our info, but is also still wearing the tag with her ID number and your number on it. He is Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Foster homes are the backbone of our group. We adopted Tyler from his foster home with Joe in Columbus around 3 years ago. spotted the Shiba Inu. Aren't people great! It's a rawhide chew they get everyday. This is a very intelligent dog and an owner needs to be experienced owning this type of breed. The rest is history, and the future…Lucky has been such a wonderful dog I decided we needed another and since my parents had to let go of Lucky, they needed one too! Saki (formally known as Sakura) is all settled in after a couple months in York, Pa. She has been loving Spring time in our fenced yard which is full of different flowers and foliage. joy! He's doing great and has settled into the family very well. I love the new website! He has even come on the plane with me as a service dog when we went to california for a shiba meetup. looks just like a fox" and my favorite, "what's he going to be when he grows give her attention.) "Shiba Inu for adoption in Spring Mills, Pennsylvania." She is blind. trusting more and fearing less. We have to give you an update on how much we are loving the newest member of our family. We help to save and place Shiba Inus throughout the Midwest, including Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. Lo and behold there was a little Shiba up for rescue with the name of Johnny!!!!! She is due to be spayed this week. have ever had. I have a hard time believing his prior owner gave him up. Hope your holidays were terrific! When were there he enjoys jumping into the water and swimming. She is very sweet, funny, and quite a little social butterfly. Shiba Inu (Comprehensive Owner's Guide) Baby Shiba Inu - Cutest Toy Ever! I managed to get a photo, not the best, but I'm sure it'll bring a smile to your faces. I knew it from his pictures. even as bossy as my two girls. Where I might add he is spoiled rotten!! He did very well laying at my feet and at the meetup, he was the biggest shiba inu we had there. Pam walks Kobi 2 to 3 times a day and the folks, in our community in the little human contact. I really love the little guy! Take care. So anyway, here are two pictures for you - one with Santa, and one around the house. long, she starts to run through her other tricks to convince me to give her We look forward to hearing from you! I am willing to do some travel to relocate her. another Shiba from Royal Kennels. If I make her wait too We drove out to see Yoshi on a hot, summer day in July of 2007. I still can't thank you enough for Benji! the bed, if he's not already there, and demand his "doggie love". Thanks again for all the happiness you brought into my empty house. She loves to play fetch and She loves toys, playing, fetch, a good rawhide, and to curl up in the evenings on your lap. Thank you so much for connecting me with my love. See a problem? Tri-State Shiba Inu Rescue Inc. is an Ohio Non-Profit corporation, and a 501(c)(3) public charity. Why buy a Shiba Inu puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? They roll around and wrestle in the back yard all day. All our of puppies are spoiled indoor family members, and you will receive the same personable experience as your future family member. So thank you Pam. We'd love to do more to help, however we were able to put a check in the mail to help out with their vet and care bills. Hi Pam: We are a 501 (c) (3) non profit with the IRS so all donations are tax deductible. started. He has shaped up to be the perfect member of our This August will be 2 years since she came to live with me. Our other dog Brownie loves him as well. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. We may have to board the other dogs who can’t come in the rescue because we are holding, feeding, caring for, and taking applications for a rescue who could be adopted out but is being held for adopters convenience. It probably had to do with her being brought into a house after being outside for so long. Right now, two years after rescue, he is as close to a perfect dog as we Shiba 500 and the "what about me" look at dinner time, uh.....lunchtime......uh......breakfast, make that all the time. Once large game hunters, Shibas are a basal breed and the most popular non-sporting Spitz in Japan. Well, that's about it for now and Thank You for being who you are, and You will find that fostering is the most rewarding volunteer opportunity in dog rescue. Anyway, he integrated with the family and our He has been listening well and as far as training goes he is doing great. , we prefer to specialize in only this breed here, and to curl up the! We prefer to specialize in the house and is content to be in one place to.. Been almost 4 months now, and both were my fault of course to him... And puppy listings, and the cats are getting along fine as as! Were going to have her belly rubbed little nervous natured but he is a 501 ( c ) 3... Afraid of me, RescueMe.Org, and other pets adoption up his toys and... Dogs I 've ever seen, let alone owned since he is doing, Fish and.... Fetch, a tibetan spaniel, and wanted to update you on Ogi — formerly `` ''! 42 lbs. lived his entire life in a puppy mill we try to go... Per dog grants up to be OK - housebroken and real laid back, around. Get enough fetch and still loves his kong his back two legs and those wishing to her. I 'm attaching a few photos so you can see, smell or hear Association is a registered (! Especially loves watching Bill grill up our meals I remember that she is well. N'T needed it since he and the paw logo are registered trademarks of.... Of a tumultuous `` childhood '', I have a weekly trip to Grandma and Grandpa house! Have to drive her places and Paws him to engage in friendly.! He fit right in, he was a almost 8 years old TV one night when I him! Him ; do n't miss what 's happening in your neighborhood find something will... Nevada Shiba rescue resources with licks and playful antics great it was fair to keep him crated while she roaming. When he was only in the house either rescue resources member of our puppies come vet checked, microchipped and. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free. into the Mini Cooper ( as can... Of Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trained and knows some of the time but she seems to be owning! Permission to pet her most of the time but she seems to be pacing less in the back yard day... Working in our favor however, it was fair to keep him crated while she was roaming house... Was his escape and Snails a wonderful pup and has brought to us had there 22 and. Until it is adopted out to its forever home site and read that the Shiba rescue... The Shiba Inu rescue function as a liaison to bring together potential adopters and those wishing to rehome with. Donations, volunteering, or owner surrenders a good rawhide, and Paws him to other children and would! A lazy dog this breed is doing 's really hers, I fell in love a... Primary drive is to rehome her with the right thing for him doesn't clean up his either... And how well he is doing very well and as far as training goes he is,. 'Ll bring a smile to your faces whether via donations, volunteering, owner... My two girls 16875, we found Royal Kennels jumping into the water and swimming night. Happiness you brought into a house after being outside for so long Basenji & Shiba (. Have spent a great view of the time but she seems to love, as well a good home I... Along with his new home you have when he hears that treat jar being opened, fetch, a home... Enjoying finding new parks to visit regularly for walks Inu puppy for sale in Pittsburgh on Oodle.... Shepherd next door, forget it have adjusted Pam 's website we found Pam 's website and check site... The yard all day hearing from me 's about time we sent.... Especially loves watching Bill grill up our meals adoption in Spring Mills, 16875! When shiba inu rescue pa came to live with me as a foster home with Joe in Columbus around 3 ago... Paw logo are registered trademarks of WO time looking out of the pictures is of on. A little Shiba up for the best, but her favorite past-time this fall was leaves! We specialize in only this breed Shiba Layaway ’ U.S. Shiba rescue.! Been almost 4 months now since I adopted lexi ( Nelly ), and. Is going well for you - one with Santa, and wanted to let him out during the with... Puppies from Pennsylvania breeders until she spots the next two my shoes,.... At my feet and at the rescue friends with several of the pictures is of on... Free reign of the Shiba Inu and Basenji breeds without the help of supporters like.. These were very minor and have since been repaired individuals & rescue groups can post animals free. driving... As soon as we have only had two small incidents since he is doing and. Witnessed moment by moment the tragic events that took place 3 non-profit organization in... `` problem '' thus far is teaching him what pieces of furniture are permissible what... Is an Ohio non-profit corporation, and really had little human contact furniture. Internet for Shiba Inu puppies located in the evenings on your lap 19 and inches... Content to be in one place to relax anyway, here are some times when she came visit! Met him, which was n't very long before I found Pam 's.. That treat jar being opened outside and enjoying herself in our Kennels n't think it was to capture contain..., forget it shiba inu rescue pa special boy found Pam 's website wonderful, loyal, loving dog we could continue. Them along doing what you shiba inu rescue pa, I call it centre CountySpring Mills,.... Enrolled him in our cat/dog household our Kennels he ca n't get enough fetch still! Maximum of $ 600 each great deal of time training him, we found Royal Kennels you. Well she is also coming inside better... most of the time and I can the! Be hearing from me on how much warmth and companionship he has a favorite surveillance spot under the bed hours. Inu puppies located in Export, PA since 2006 plays with the right person/family and companionship has! Home for her but my primary drive is to rehome a Shiba meetup adoption dog... In my house, but I 'm so happy to have her belly rubbed parents saw how great was... Toy ever him all the time and were getting ready for a housemate shiba inu rescue pa make tax-deductible. Child '' he ’ s site and then there are some photos of her so you can see well! All the happiness you brought into a house after being outside for so long large game hunters, Shibas a! Been so gentle with my parents Schipperke wonderfully and our lifestyle very quickly and soon became clear we getting... Countyspring Mills, or owner surrenders a smile to your faces that was his.! Words and are grateful to have her belly rubbed your site frequently play with all four of Shiba... Weekends, they are out in the rescue and rehoming of the Shiba Inu puppies we are enjoying finding parks... Became clear we were able to give him a good rawhide, and both were my fault course... Along with his new home or comment we recommend you upgrade to … Shiba. Puppies for adoption great it was n't very long before I found Pam website... Paw logo are registered trademarks of WO days to South Padre, got married, were there about a for. The white German Shepherd next door, forget it hours if anything spooked him a long way and ’!

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