DEAR LORDDD This black and white poster is soooooo beautiful, Woo da hwan Feb 27 2018 1:54 am okey!! Haven't read the original novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos so can't say much about it. Woo do Hwan is one attractive man. Probably a very good drama for a mindless spin, but nothing of substance. Woo Do Hwan and Moon Ga Young was reported twice to be dating but both the KeyEast artists denied the rumors. Looking forward to Joy’s next project in a lead (or supporting) role. I loved their acting! Tana Mar 15 2018 2:50 pm But thank God woo da hwan got this role..... Casey Jan 07 2018 6:17 pm Y’all really underestimating idols aren’t you. I stopped it after 2-3 episodes for a whole year and started again! Thats the turning point of sihyun's life. I loved it it's amazing but I wonder by seducing eun tae hey what good Sujy will get ? I'm waiting for new episodes ?? Btw conclusion,drama is really bad,, just dont bother watching x, Eun ae Apr 13 2018 9:10 am More people don't like this drama?? Also the actress playing Soo-Ji is incredible as well and it seems like she's being overshadowed which also sucks. The Plot Is Not At All Messy....It Is Just Cool. It's just... Joy improved a lot and i ❤ their chemistry. his character in there was better built and he displayed it quite nicely. Shi hyun character is soo addictive. Jess May 04 2018 5:56 am Some parts I cringed a lot because her acting was just so bad. Ashie Mar 21 2020 12:47 am Iveta Mar 21 2018 2:56 pm I think Joy and Do Hwan is a great couple ^_^. The music background makes the drama even more classy. I enjoy sooji relationship with sihyun more than the lead couple. This is gonna be a youth drama, i don't think there'd much intimate or even sexual scenes here. Jorja Feb 07 2020 5:07 am Don't judge based on others like myself. is it just me or i find minjae and gayoung is more shipable? Everyone else did great job in their respective roles. Mar 28 2018 4:28 am Sejoooo Mar 20 2018 10:50 pm Okay, so I hated joy's character in this show it was annoying with the shy girl act. I really like Soo Ji, Si Hyun and Se Joo acting! hello Dec 27 2017 8:40 pm but the ending was just showing love relationship between two couples which is too boring. This plot reminds me of Cruel Intentions. of course the plot was also pretty messed up. Momo Mar 20 2018 11:48 pm At some point they cannot be true with themselves. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT (and I hope it won't be entirelly modelled on the book cause *possible spoilers* that ending is the worst of all)!!! Mimi Mar 13 2018 6:24 am There's too much history between those too, bad history. It's SOOOOO AMAZING RNNN BUT PLZZ don't ruin the ending. tbh i stop watching this bc the trio friendship has ended. Thank goodness Yeo Jin Goo declined this drama. Kim Min-Jae is also a wonderful actor and his character is so lovable and sweet. I know you auditioned twice for tlahl to finally get the role and even learned the guitar for the drama. He really would be the kind of actor to do method acting <3_<3, jimdohwan Mar 09 2018 8:17 am the drama has not started yet :(, Rea Mar 02 2018 7:15 pm @fay yes she looks like murmuring rather than speaking, i even checked every move of her mouth and jaws ? I really didn't like that eun tae hee and shi Hyun ended up together but the lifelong friends sort of seperated, tae hee came in between them and I hate her for it. didnt get why people loving sooji's character. SORRY FOR THE RANT and again this is in no way hating on Joy. Their love for each other is so cliché. I almost didn't finsh the watching the drama , however, but because I like how the 3 main characters play their roles, I decided to continue watching though I skipped all Tae Hee's part( can't stand her acting, so annoying..) She don't deserve to get a lead role.. Hope k drama producers consider talents more than popularity... Nes Mar 08 2020 10:47 am Well this is just my opinion. Sorry. this drama is badly written, the script makes the acting look bad when in reality when you see their other drama their acting is actually good , if not maybe decent, for a newbie actor. And people who are bashing on joys acting are just jealous cause it's joy. I cried at the scene with her mom and the car. and that makes me hate this drama. (I still hope they live happily ever after ending ) :P I like this drama all character is cute and have different personality. Yuh Apr 11 2018 10:10 pm But as I have observed on the first few episodes, I would have to say, she's not terrible At All. The beginning of the drama was so good. Elise Mar 17 2018 4:53 pm Ahhhh It premiers on my Birthday!!! Tempted (Korean: 위대한 유혹자; RR: Widaehan Yuhokja; lit. Azalea Mar 13 2018 5:55 pm im so exited for this drama... Mitch Feb 03 2018 10:38 am The quality of the show is amazing. Woo Do-hwan (born July 12, 1992) is a South Korean actor. she was getting better each episodes at the liar and his lover (you can see her confidence tho) and even though it wasn't amazing, but it was still good and not that bad. I was hoping that the writer gave more about the two leads. I think shihyun's father likes taehee's mother. There's a lot of crying in this drama which is a little off putting. ❤️, Keisya azizah Oct 19 2020 10:50 am Waiting for next episode, this drama get my attention, So Ah Mar 13 2018 1:03 am stop blaming it on Joy cuz she is doing very well. Would not recommend. This drama has a very complicated plot. Joy, fighting. And it seems to give more depth to the whole drama. I LOVE this drama so far. Soe young Mar 13 2018 9:31 am ALL of them are doing it great!!! Actor Woo Do Hwan sat down for an interview recently to talk about his experience working on MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Tempted” so far. Winky Apr 13 2018 9:08 pm I wanted the second leads to get a good redemption arc but that was ignored for the romance. Woo Do Hwan shared more on his chemistry with Joy, saying, “It’s like we’re the same age. Woo Do Hwan. just finished watching it after reading comments criticizing Joy and other praising her. It is much better than some Dramas that I actually dislike or didn‘t even finished of example: Orange Marmalade, the beginning was really good and I liked the Stars at this project but the co- lead did her job bad it was so boring after a while she acted monoton but this drama isn‘t as Orange Marmalade (I‘m not judging anyone here, even the people who actually liked the drama. For me it wasnt the actuall "drama" that annoyed me. Hudadboi Mar 27 2018 9:03 pm I also really like Joy and the rest of the cast but I keep hearing people didn't like the plot??? Ahhhhh cruel intentions indeed!!! She is so hard working that she even missed her important opportunities of concerts but still there are some ppl who could only sit in their bed and criticise other . eggs Mar 05 2018 3:28 pm I'm loving this drama~!! Woo Do-hwan played Kwon Shi-yoon, a young heir that considers love and romance as his playground while Moon Ga-young played as Choi Soo-ji, the daughter of a hospital director that is in love with Kwon Shi-yoon. However, one thing I really enjoyed about this drama was Soo Ji's character (I really liked Se Joo and the side characters too). them.. Hwating! I hate this drama i hate this sequel of drama.. Melao K Jul 28 2018 10:36 pm Will Woo Do Hwan succeed at winning Eun Tae Hee’s heart and this twisted game of seduction? although the srotyline is lame but hyuntae make the drama so great. I'm at Ep. He is authentic in each way, but his voice acting is as well very enjoyable :) And Moon Ga Young's acting was great. i actually like Joy's character and her presence in this drama coz the three other main characters are well.. kindof dark, intense and serious ?? Sooji has great chemistry with Sihyun. The drama obviously deserves it. I watched a bit from her previous drama and she has improved however there are a few scenes where her acting is quite awkward. ?? Shi-Hyun and Soo-Ji are clearly meant to be. her acting was so cringey i just cant keep watching with her on the screen. It's her character there made her that way.whereas those trio have similar family bground since probbly they look much relaxed while being together as part of the drama.come on people.i bet if joy acts as sooji she will also fits right in. Thanks again for the hard work to team Great Seducer! sigh!! SH and TH need more on screen together, so that there is a chance for TH te show her stand out character. Hannah Mar 24 2018 8:19 pm he is best known for his roles in television series, such as save me (2017), mad dog (2017), tempted (2018) and the king: eternal monarch (2020). And I am looking forward to dramas like these from Woo do-hwan joy was good in acting. bitj bye Jun 11 2019 11:10 am But JOY, nope. Joy suit the main role i think. And i'm personally so bored to watch characters like tae hee's (smart pretty kind humble etc). And help if I was using the wrong word again but you got what I mean. The story about 3 crazy rich Heirs try to being mature is kind of relatable they actors portrays the characters well which being a reason why i keep watching this drama. waahh the this drama is based on novel dangerous liaisons but why the rated is 15+ ??? I've been waiting ever since Mad Dog for a new Woo Do Hwan drama with him as lead. “Tempted” is about the great game of seduction between the four main characters, Kwon Shi Hyun (played by Woo Do Hwan), Eun Tae Hee (played by Red Velvet’s Joy), Choi Soo Ji (played by Moon Ga Young), and Lee Se Joo (played by Kim Min Jae). Anyway, this drama version looked like Cruel Intentions (1999). Can't wait! Please be aware that constructive feedback is a good thing because it shows that you're engaged and making mental notes of your likes and dislikes in a drama and if someone takes time out to comment then it adds fuel to our thoughts and as a collective here as we are all privy to adding our 2 cents worth to the discussion so please don't take it as a personal attack against your favourite actor; that is not the intention at all. there should've been more scenes in final, it didn't satisfy me. Plz plz plz plz plz plz don't let joy be the main female lead :, (, Moni Dec 27 2017 6:56 am Jana Mar 13 2018 6:58 am I'm really looking forward to this show. Slightly disappointed that the plot is so predictable. She has only acted in one drama so far and that wasn't bad at all?? Secondly for those calling Sooji a "b*tch", please Sihyun was just as worse as her before in fell in "lurrve". As for Joy idk why everyone is so hard on her???! Their acting was good but I'm really thankful that Shi Hyun was shipped with Tae Hee but not Soo Ji cause damn she was such an irritating character. Despite this, I believe she can improve. Give Joy a chance! Ji Soo actors acting is amazing, but I don't believe a character that manipulative and crazy should be a the main actor. I like her in the liar and his lover because it was related to music but no no way !! I only watch their part. Im really hope that everyone would feel the same within this drama I really hope Shi-Hyun and Soo-Ji have a chance (but again knowing KDramas it's not looking too good). I think the director and writer are amazing. Ps, I'm shipping SH and TH so much! Cast Woo Do Hwan, Joy, Moon Ga Young, Kim Min Jae. Thank you to the cast, writer and director of this drama! Making her into the villain (if they take that approach and knowing KDramas they most likely will) after knowing her character just seems like bad writing and a bad objective. hks Apr 06 2018 5:20 am He currently plays Kwon Shi Hyun, who is not only out to seduce Eun Tae Hee (played by Red Velvet’s Joy), but is ready to steal the hearts of viewers as well. the trio was the only thing I liked in the beginning of the drama but now that they pitifully split just like that is terrible. But I'm still looking forward for the next episode. Of course it will be adapted as a modern version but I think they will still keep the essence of the main parts BTS girl Mar 27 2018 12:41 pm Why does everyone hate joy in this drama? Sapphire Mar 15 2018 4:18 am sure, it’s not phenomenal to the point where i’d drop dead but it definitely got better. Me no likey Feb 28 2020 9:48 am So as a person who’s really critical of idol actors take my word for it. I actually think that joy fits the role, a tsundere one. there are so many good actresses out there that better at acting.. im kinda dissapointed bcuz all 3 lead actor/actress in this drama is good but theres joy, her acting is awkward to me;(. So.. Cruel Intentions, rated PG? Xhai Sep 08 2018 1:14 pm So glad the heroes beat the odds xoxo. She was so.. blank! From 1-10 i'll give it 6/10 one of drama that i watched until the end but the story not that amazing. I didn't watch this before because, I thought this is not my type but it's not bad too . honestly I'm more prefer mon ga young then joy as the main lead... Its doesn't mean I hate joy or something like tht, just my opinion bcs I like mon ga young... but I'll still waiting this drama and hope that the dramas will be hit. Suisssant Apr 23 2018 9:19 pm Her portrayal of her character was so good to the point that she had more chemistry with all the actors. //]]>, //
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